Hi everyone. I’m Dadalio ( don’t bother looking up that wordpress I assure you posts there will be very sparse… sorry) Anyways I’m one of Choco’s friends and I’ll mainly be writing about Korean dramas and such. This is going to be my first time writing recaps and such so bear with me in the first couple of months… (years maybe?) I’m used to just ranting about plots and etc. to my friends so at first it may be focused on alot of ranting. And oh screencaps… Don’t really know how to choose which ones to post… but I hope my ability as a Korean drama recapper will improve. I’m not sure what drama to start recapping because I haven’t really been watching dramas these past few months (school.) But I am up for suggestions so I hope any of the readers will comment some great dramas to recap. If there aren’t any suggestions :(… I’ll just start with something I like MUHAHAHAHAHA


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