I am extremely excited to join the ranks of the many blogs dedicated to Asian media. What inspired me to jump onto the bandwagon, you may ask? Well, I have long been a lurker on many amazing drama sites: Dramabeans, Thundie’s Prattle, and JoleCole’s Station to name a few. Though there are plenty of posts, analysis, and explanations revolving around the almighty Korean dramas, I’ve been disappointed in the lack of information regarding Chinese dramas, culture, and language. Perhaps I haven’t been looking hard enough, but why leave to others, what I can do myself? While I discussed the idea with a group of friends, my dream of becoming a drama-savvy blogger slowly deflated. Am I crazy? I’m in the middle of one of the most crucial and busiest times of my life! But creating my own blog about what I love best has always been a dream of mine. Thus, with the disapproval of all but a friend known as Procrastination, TheFeatheredFan is born. 

Where did I get this ridiculous name? Ah, this would be a long story. To spare you from too much ranting in a first post, I’ll give you the short version. Since the age of three, I have harbored an inexplicable crush on Tang Guo Qiang’s portrayal of Zhuge Liang. The title of this blog is a homage to my favorite character and historical figure. Though this crush started out unbelievably immature and shallow, it has blossomed into respect and admiration over the years. For those who know anything about Zhuge Liang, they will undoubtedly know that I am referring to Zhuge Liang’s signature item in my blog title. The story behind the fan? Well, that is a story for another day.

Before I begin to unleash my obsession, I’d like to explain a little about myself and my passion. Consider it the disclaimer that excuses my misinterpretations and unintentionally offensive statements. Though I was born in China, I moved when I was three. Thus, my view of China, its literature, culture, history, and media, is built on the shaky foundation of newspaper articles, Wikipedia, the entertainment industry, Baidu, textbooks, and Internet articles. I do not profess to be a scholar of China, merely someone who is very passionate about her homeland. Although this blog will be mainly dedicated to recaps and reviews of Asian dramas, I will also try to sprinkle in a few posts about Chinese history, culture, literature, and anything else that interests me.

Last, but not least, I should probably warn you about my major biases obsessions crushes. These are the people who I admire and respect and love to an abnormal degree. To put my feelings into perspective, if anyone tried to criticize anything about any one of them, I would plug my ears and drown out the criticisms with off-key singing. The list seems random, but if you think about it, it makes sense. You can definitely anticipate at least one post dedicated to each of these individuals.

1. I already mentioned him earlier. Military mastermind: Zhuge Liang

2. Famous (but sadly, fictional) sleuth: Sherlock Holmes

3. 16th American President: Abraham Lincoln

4. Last, but nowhere near the least, Chinese actor: Hu Ge

Please look forward to my future posts!



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  1. idk says:

    this is actually pretty interesting

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