Love You You (夏日乐悠悠) -2011

Wow, I did not know this film was directed by Jingle Ma. That man covers a lot of genres. I’ll need to remind myself to write down my thoughts on Mulan (2009).

Hm. This was a pretty generic romantic comedy…heartwarming, but easily forgettable. I don’t even know if I remember enough to write a very detailed recap…

Basically, Xia Mi (Angelababy…haha, don’t question her name) is an employee at a law firm. She is sent to a tropical island to investigate the fraudulent activities of a local businessman, You Le Le (Eddie Peng). He owns the beach resort, which features many tourist attractions (varying from fake pirate acts to a mysterious island trip).

Xia Mi pretends to lose her passport, and she begins to work as You Le Le’s assistant. She helps him reconcile an engaged couple, who are on the brink of separation due to a series of miscommunication and misunderstandings.

While working together, the two discover that they have feelings for each other. However, Xia Mi feels guilty for lying to You Le Le, especially after she sees that he works extremely hard to support his mother.

Apparently, there’s a competition between him and his half brother to see who can earn the most money through their respective beach resorts. Whoever wins will inherit the family business. As the son of the neglected mistress, You Le Le has been working extremely hard to gain the recognition of the elders.

When judgment day arrives, You Le Le’s evil half brother turns out to be the man who hired Xia Mi to do the undercover investigations. He accuses You Le Le of sending Xia Mi to spy on him (when in actuality, it’s the other way around). However, Xia Mi comes out with her secret….she’s actually deaf. She’s been reading lips and hiding under her headphones since she started work. The evil half brother cannot believe that his plan was thwarted (he had accused Xia Mi of listening to a recording on his answering machine…which is now invalid because she can’t hear), and insists on testing Xia Mi’s claim.

Love You You

You Le Le is declared the winner, while Xia Mi leaves the island to return to her old life. One of her old coworkers hands her a flashdrive with You Le Le’s diary…and she finds out that he had known that she was deaf soon after he had hired her. Oh, and he really really loves her.

At the end of the movie, she runs into him again, and they live happily ever after.

Thoughts: I liked this movie, because I sympathized a lot with Xia Mi’s character. No other character was very developed….and so she stood out in the movie. You can clearly see her insecurities and inferiority complex throughout the movie. When You Le Le ‘abandons’ her on the island, she just bawls her eyes out the whole night. It’s heartbreaking. I came away from the scene thinking: Wow, she must be so tired of living that way. To his credit, You Le Le recognizes this immediately, which is why he had brought her to the island…so she can release all the stress and pressure that has been building up.

Love You You 2

I love Eddie Peng, but Angelababy is gorgeous. I can see why Huang Xiao Ming was head over heels for her. And her name is epic.

I can’t stand movies with ditzy, dumb, frustrating female leads. Since Xia Mi is not one of those crazy leads, I found this movie to be a cloud of enjoyable fluff. Instead of coming away with the feeling of ‘Love is stupid’, I walked away with satisfaction….Love is cute.

And because I feel sorry for filling this recap of Angelababy screenshots…here are some gratuitous pictures of Eddie Peng.


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