Love Rain

Hi everyone… I know I haven’t really recapped any korean shows but I HAVE A REASON!
I have been awaiting a drama worth watching to recap!!! Over the course of the following months I am going to go through an episode by episode recap of Love Rain featuring Jang Geunseok and Im Yoona as the main leads. My decision to recap this particular drama is not only because of my love for the PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL Yoona.
*Disclaimer… the above gifs are from tumblr and they can be found here! (
But the main reason I actually had interest in this drama was because of its BTS people… MOST NOTABLY director Yoon Suk Ho and writer Oh Soo Yun. Both these people had come together to produce two of the most notable Korean dramas, Autumn in my Heart and Winter Sonata. Although the recaps may come by slowly and each one may be rough… I hope you will bear with me as I commence my very first drama recap.

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