Qiu Ze, Tang Yan–Rumors confirmed?

I’m back to follow up on these two cutie patooties. I want to say that they have been confirmed to be dating (even though Tang Yan refuses to say anything). Then again, I had convinced myself that FengMi was meant to be….*wipes away tears*

Anyways, Qiu Ze has admitted, a few months ago, that he has been chasing Tang Yan. Apparently she’s playing hard to get. I don’t know what the status is right now…but I can give the facts! Draw your own conclusions (at your own risk…FengMi *wails*).

In a recent episode of Happy Camp (快乐大本营), Tang Yan was given the choice of calling a male friend (the hosts get to pick), or selling out Hu Ge on his past (or present) actress crush (from drama to real-life). She chose not to risk it, and sold out Hu Ge  (I can’t possibly consider him liking other people…and Ariel Lin is currently taken, so no worries, really). The hosts, however, were not satisfied and declared that Tang Yan needs to follow through on the other option…the call. She, of course, refused. The hosts, being the cool people they are, did not want to make the situation any more awkward for her…so they demanded to see her phone wallpaper instead. She refuses again (and her defense is a little…strong for such a….simple request). Hu Ge jumps in and says that her wallpaper is “for luck” (which is exactly what Qiu Ze said Tang Yan’s picture was for). Now people are assuming that her wallpaper is Qiu Ze (actually, you guys. I have to confess. MY lock screen is Qiu Ze…and MY wallpaper is Hu Ge).

And now, in a recent interview, Hu Ge was asked if he had ever pursued Tang Yan before (their drama is currently airing). He replies something along the lines of (ack! I can’t find it anymore)….oh. Okay, he said that she’s already taken, so he can’t do anything anymore. And that if he really was going to pursue her, he’d tape her pictures all over his car.

I guess it sounded more concrete in my mind. Still rumors though!


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