Qiu Ze, Tang Yan Gossip Fest

So it’s been awhile since I received updates on these two. I just happened to be rewatching scenes from one of their old dramas, when Qiu Ze’s intense stare prompted me to Baidu these two again. As luck would have it, on that exact date, February 27, something very interesting came out.

A person who claims to be one of Tang Yan’s assistants put up a post on Weibo with a picture of Tang Yan and Qiu Ze celebrating his birthday (a few months prior). The photo appears to be very personal (pajamas?!).

The post basically yells at Qiu Ze for not being “a man” and neglecting Tang Yan by not revealing their relationship in fear that his fans will leave him. Previously, there had been some rumors that Qiu Ze was getting some special attention from a Taiwanese actress. Recently, Qiu Ze told the media that he has not seen Tang Yan for 7 months. The photo directly contradicts his claim. The post has since been deleted.

In response to all the hype, Qiu Ze seems to have posted his own response on Weibo.

Rough Translation:

Once the story’s ending is not as perfect as everyone wants it to be, it basically will not be a good fairy tale. What is the probability of a perfect story? For me, love is not acting, forgive me for not being able to explain to the world, even if you don’t have any invested emotions in that beautiful past, I still choose to believe it exists, in regards to love, I have not wronged [along the lines of mistreated] anyone, I will take the accusations in stride, thank you everyone for your attention and well wishes, thank you.

Sorry for all the commas, I figured I’d just translate it as he has it.

So now….I have no idea how to react. Is this good news? Bad news? Any news?


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