“十年修得王小贱,百年修得柯景腾,千年修得李大仁” The Men We Love

Alright, I have decided that this is going to be my favorite post to date. Warning: it is directed mostly towards girls

In the title of this post, I quoted a phrase that has been very popular in China in 2012. I love how the netizens in China have a little culture of their own. It is really interesting to see what’s trending. Well, more interesting than Anne Hathaway’s Oscar dress and Angelina Jolie’s leg. Sometimes I wish more people could appreciate Chinese culture the wit and sarcasm of the people. I guess that’s what this blog is for. Anyways, moving on to the actual topic.

The quote basically translates to something along the lines of:

It takes ten years to build up enough good karma to meet Wang Xiaojian, one hundred years for Ke Jingteng, one thousand years for Li Daren

Now for the explanation:

Wang Xiaojian, if you recall from my recap of Love is Not Blind (失恋33天), is the sarcastic (kind of…gay), witty friend of the female lead in the movie. The quote has a bit of Buddhist thought behind it, but basically it means it takes good luck for all of us to meet such a loyal, straightforward guy friend (with hints of amor). He can also be interpreted as a gay best friend. And have I mentioned his awesome command of language? Man, that script is genius. He is my favorite out of the three, hands down. Then again, I’m biased because I’m a little cynical these days.

Recall some of the trending quotes from the movie/ones that I like:

1.”还装啥嫩呢,脸上皱纹能吧苍蝇夹死” – (said with attitude) Why do you try to act youthful…the wrinkles in your face can squeeze flies to death. (Okay, the translation doesn’t convey the humor as well…but it’s the sort of thing that little boys do when they throw sticks at the girls they like…)

2.”我知道,市面上的好青年还有很多,一定有一个人,幽默而不做作,温柔而不咸湿,相貌不用多端庄,但随便一笑,便能击中我心房。茫茫人海活跃着这么多的怪胎,难道还容不下这样一个人存在?” – I know, there are many young men still on the market. There has to be one person, humorous (witty) but not fake, kind (loving) but not a player. They don’t have to be very handsome, but a casual smile can make my heart beat faster. There are so many strange people in the world, yet there is not room for this kind of person to exist?

(Basically Wang Xiaojian telling her to change her shirt because he can’t work in the same room as an eggplant..)

Next up: Ke Jingteng. I will probably do a movie recap of  The Apple of My Eye (那些年我们一起追的女孩) one of these days, because it was one of the most popular romantic comedies last year (along with Love is Not Blind).

The movie follows Ke Jingteng and his friends who do nothing but fool around in class. They all like the same girl, who is the goody two shoes of the class, and Ke Jingteng is motivated to work harder for her. Basically it’s that super pure, super cute high school sort of romance, where they are too shy to tell each other outright that they like each other. They go to separate colleges, but he calls her every day (this is back in the day when all the students line up for 10 minutes with the one public phone). They go on a date, and Ke Jingteng makes it clear that he likes her. Just when she is about to tell him she likes him too, he stops her because he thinks she’s going to reject him. Problems happen, and they have a falling out. Basically a story of a nostalgic romance that is tinged with regret and what-could-have-beens. The next time he sees her, she’s getting married to some random dude.

It takes one hundred years of good karma for this one, because he is that cute looking bad boy with a sweet and caring heart who used to bully you in high school. A time of crushes and gossip and sleepovers and misunderstandings and regret and nostalgia. He embodies the carefree happiness and innocence of young love. But also the immaturity that ends it all. Because at the end of the day, girls mature faster than boys (emotionally).

Favorite Movie Quotes:

1. “人生本来就有很多事是徒劳无功的, 但是我们还是依然要经历. (比如我追你的这些年,我收获了更好的我, 你收获了最真的感情,我们收获了一辈子的回忆)” – There are many things in life that takes hard work but has no tangible results, but we still have to experience them. (He says in voiceover: Just like how I chased you for all those years, I gained a better me, you received the truest love, and we both have a lifetime of memories)

2. “被你喜欢过, 很难觉得。。别人有那么喜欢我” – After being liked by you, it’s very hard to feel like anyone else really likes me

3. “我多想和你在靠近一点点, 用尽各种手段。 但是我知道, 现在, 对你最好的祝福, 就是隔出最美丽的距离” – How I wish to be closer to you, using any method. But I know that right now, the best way I can express my well wishes to you is with a beautiful distance.

Last one is Li Daren. He is the leading male of the Taiwanese drama, In Time With You (我可能不会爱你). I never thought the actor was very attractive, but he and Ariel Lin has some amazing chemistry.

You guys are best friends who swear you’ll never date. But everyone except you two know that you love each other. Eventually, someone will step up and realize it, and a happy ending is served.

Honestly, this is the most boring one, because it is so typical and so expected. But okay, it takes one thousand years for this one, because let’s be real. What are the chances that your best childhood friend is a really attractive and perfect male who’s always there for you? If you have one, I don’t want to hear about it.

Drama quotes:

1. “走过的五年, 我曾经痛苦过, 失落过。 但我现在很好, 很棒, 很快乐。 因为, 有你。 虽然你不会爱我, 但是我知道, 你比谁都珍惜我. ” – In these 5 years, I have been hurt and disappointed. But I am doing really well right now, really great, really happy. Because I have you. Even though you will not love me, I know that you treasure me more than anyone.

2.”记住。 你不是 另一个选择, 你应该是他的唯一” – Remember. You are not the other choice. You should be his only.

I’m a sucker for sayings like these. So I got together some inspirational quotes from 2012. (usually from movies or dramas)

Some events are destined to become stories, some people are destined to become the past, some paths are destined for only one person. Some people, some events burst into our lives. The things we have, lost, the sadness, today’s happiness, we must remember it all. Once it all becomes part of our memories, what will we remember? Many things, once lost, many people, once gone…once you experience a lot, your heart will be stronger, your path steadier.

Once I know that you are not living well, I'm at peace

Okay, so those weren’t great phrases, but this one legitimately is. One of the ladies on Fei Cheng Wu Rao even used it as her catch phrase. I should probably do a post on that dating show one of these days.


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