The Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 4


Woot, time for Yue Fei’s marriage! Best explained in screenshots. Too much pretty!

No matter if the future is good or bad, we have sown the seeds for our future today. Even if the wind blows and the skies rain, we’ll always be together.


3 4

Official Han gifts Yue Fei with a stack of books on military tactics, as a symbol of his hopes for Yue Fei. We see Yue Fei living a happy family life. The female narrator pops up again to talk about Yue Fei’s blissful marriage life, as Xiao E proves to be the ideal wife and daughter-in-law.

We skip to two years later, and the Jin army is pillaging Song towns and raping women. 1st Jin Prince is torturing a Song official named Wang Yuan. In the middle of the night, a spiffy looking Song general rescues Wang Yuan and fights Jin soldiers. This is Han Shi Zhong (Yue Fei’s future buddy in war and Liang Hong Yu’s future husband – but I’m getting ahead of myself).

8 9

In the next scene, he goes gaga over Liang Hong Yu, who is a talented dancer. Love love love this future couple. Also love everything about this scene, which I’ll explain later. She drinks a cup of wine to congratulate him and express her respectful admiration for his recent act of heroism. When Han Shi Zhong saves Hong Yu from an awkward situation, Eunuch Yuan decides to pair up the beauty with the hero and frees Hong Yu so that she can marry Han Shi Zhong. Well, that escalated quickly.

10 11

Jin and Song soldiers decide to fight one-on-one duels instead of full on battles. Was this a thing in the Song dynasty? Because I remember it happening in Water Margins too. Just kidding, the battle starts happening when Wu Zhu brutally kills a Song warrior. I don’t know how Ling Er respects this beast.

Liu Ge and Wang Gui sigh that they need to find Yue Fei, so that our Song hero can beat some dignity into Wu Zhu. The man is currently paying his respects in front of his teacher’s grave. His young son runs up, asking to learn martial arts. The two practice in front of teacher’s grave, and Yue Fei flashbacks to his first lessons.

14 15

Aw, Xiao E is pregnant! She knows Yue Fei wants to be back on the battlefield, but she asks him to stay until her baby is born. But looks like it’s not meant to be, as they return home to find his soldier bros waiting. Xiao E knows Yue Fei’s first and greatest love will be the country. She just wishes her baby can see daddy before he leaves…as if on cue, Xiao E starts having birth pains. And then the most hilarious group of men pace nervously outside the birthing room. Inside, natural birth is no joke. But eventually, a son is born. Yue Fei names him Yue Ting (which refers to thunder; his first son’s name is Yue Yun, meaning cloud).

17 18


First, I just want to say how much I anticipated the Liang Hong Yu/Han Shi Zhong storyline. She follows her husband into battle and ends up being a talented female general. But I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. I love her dancing scene, because it’s very unique. None of the costumes in this drama are scandalous. Even though she’s a performer, Hong Yu is dressed demurely. And it’s even better that Han Shi Zhong looks at her with a very gentle, respectful look…no leering here like Eunuch Yuan. Liang Hong Yu’s voice is also very strong and a tad deep, which suits her character perfectly.

12 13

The only thing I’m not really buying is the fact that she could marry Han Shi Zhong just like that. Obviously, he’s not super famous yet, but he’s still a general who has a few accomplishments under his belt. And well, to put it kindly, Hong Yu was an entertainer. Social rules were completely disregarded. I was kind of looking forward to a little more effort before they got married.

6 7

Aw, I can’t believe my main heroes are paired up already. Does this mean I have no more romance scenes to look forward to?



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