The Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 7


Replay epic music. General Zong promises that if Yue Fei and Bros can do well in the martial arts competition, they can join his command. Bro Squad finds all the hotels full. However, they see through the host’s lies and demand rooms. Yue Fei tells his buddies to calm down, and they continue looking for beds. In the hotel, the King of Liang meets with Jin representatives. Jin bribes the King to kill the warriors attending the contest the next day. A girl wearing a mask lurks outside the door. Damn if he wasn’t such a greedy bastard, I would feel better about appreciating his pretty face. Anyways, he injures the girl lurker, who happens upon Yue Fei and Bro Squad. Pretty girl is called Su Su and tells Yue Fei about the conversation she just overheard. Okay, screw it, King of Liang is so cute.*squeal* Bro Squad is so bad lying LOL. Zhang Yong cracks me up.

4 3

Day of the competition. There is only one rule: no serious injuries/death blows. King of Liang is the king of the court – contestants must beat him to win. He kills the first contestant. General Zong reiterates that the rule states no killing. King of Liang rolls his eyes. Boy continues killing. Aw, Little General Zong (the nephew) gets upset with the nonchalance and steps in to fight. Poor boy is no match for the King, and Yue Fei steps in to help. Oooh, this is about to get good. Pretty boy wants to compete in archery first. All arrows hit within the red circle. Yue Fei breaks the bow (LOL!) Bro Squad commentary is brilliant (“Psh. My brother just has god-like strength”). Yue Fei asks for a stronger bow. His arrows all hit the target while he’s on horseback.

5 9

Time for some spear combat. The King isn’t doing too bad against Yue Fei. Su Su watches with trepidation from the sidelines. Girl I hope you keep it platonic. Oh, Oh, Oh shit. the King tries to ambush Yue Fei with a sword, but Yue Fei turns around to stab him with his spear. You dumb ass. First, the spear is going to be longer than the sword. Second, you just killed the Emperor’s direct relative. Yue Fei is arrested, and Bro Squad leads the crowd in protest. Oh God, Yue Fei says that the King was in cahoots with Jin. Boy, you’ve got no evidence.


1 10

This is completely random, and I didn’t want to bring it up in the actual recap. But it’s so obvious that the boys all had their eyebrows shaped and filled in. They’re so perfect and straight and thick and manly.


Oh god, Yue Fe is too rash and hot-heated in his acts of righteousness. See, this is what your teacher warned you about! This is what’s gonna get you killed! Okay, maybe I’m just extra upset because the King of Liang was so pretty and handsome. But my points are still valid, yes?


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