Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 9


Yue Fei gives strict rules for the remaining thirty soldiers. Elsewhere, a disguised Zhang Yong gets into a fight with some of the bandits. Unable to fend off the entire group of bandits, Zhang Yong is saved from being beat to pulp by a pretty girl (Wu Shi Ma). The bandits let him go, addressing her as the new bandit queen (I’m smelling some unwillingness on her part). Hmm, there’s some chemistry going on between her and Zhang Yong. She saves him again by hiding him in her bedroom. She tells him that she was forced to marry the bandit leader (Ji Qian). Wu Shi Ma begs him to help her escape.

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She shows Zhang Yong a map of Wu Tuo Mountains…this seems a bit easy for Bro Squad. Ji Qian walks in with presents for Wu Shi Ma, who reluctantly humors him into thinking she agreed to marry him. She has to push him out of her bedroom…eww. Meanwhile, Yue Fei is reading books on military tactics. Loving the music. It makes reading look so epic and cool. The next morning, the same soldier (Fu Qing) is found drunk. He gets his head dunked in a water tank, while droplets splash onto the screen. Cue some inspirational music to go along with Yue Fei’s inspirational speech. Yue Fei assigns different skills practices to his soldiers based on their prior occupations. Fu Qing is assigned as the squad leader. At night, Yue Fei wins Fu Qing’s total respect when he fires one of Fu Qing’s arrows with a 300 pound bow (?). Yue Fei marvels at Fu Qing’s arrow-making skills.

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General Zong visits the next day, and compliments Yue Fei’s leadership abilities. He allows Yue Fei to pick 100 soldiers from General Zong’s personal troops.

Wu Shi Ma goes shopping in the marketplace with two bandit minions. They stop by Zhang Yong’s wine stall. While the minions are tipsy from Zhang Yong’s mixed wine, he runs off with Wu Shi Ma. If the pretty girl likes you while you’re wearing that ridiculous beard, Zhang Yong, she’s a keeper. They escape, trade intense stares, and he FINALLY takes off that pedo beard. HAHA, all of Zhang Yong’s ideas sound sketchy. He blows out the candles, and gets ready to stand guard outside the boat. When Wu Shi Ma says she’s afraid of the dark, he catches some fireflies for her. Okay, that’s cute.

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Zhang Yong and Wu Shi Ma hurry back to Yue Fei’s camp. Zhang Yong reports his findings and hands over the map of the mountains. Wu Shi Ma plays with a firefly lamp in her tent, totally smitten by her new love. Oh God, Yue Fei’s group is ambushed by band-….oh thank god it was just a split screen. So one group deliberately got captured by bandits, while the other group is led by Zhang Yong along a secret path in the forest. Some dumb soldier decides to relieve himself in an isolated place away from the group, but he triggers some ambush. He’s shot in both legs. Team Yue Fei thinks of ways to get him out.


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Oooooh, super interested in the new girl and Zhang Yong’s possible love line now. I’m fairly certain that the feelings go both ways, but the girl’s definitely got it bad for him. It’s so interesting to see Zhang Yong’s brave and heroic side, when we all know him to be this lazy ass   freeloader who takes the easy way out.


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