Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 11




Court officials play out the never ending debate of how to respond to Jin demands. Same old, same old. The poor Emperor looks like he’s going insane. Then they argue over who to send over for Jin negotiations. Everyone tries to come up with excuses, because they remember what happened to the last negotiator…one kid even breaks down crying on the floor. Damn, I kinda like this Emperor…he’s accusing the entire court and calling them out, something that his dad never did.

King of Kang, Zhao Gou, the 9th Prince volunteers to go (all his titles, by the way). I worry for him. The last time he tried to negotiate…

2 3

Qin Hui meets with Consort Zheng. He’s trying meet up with the old Emperor. Zhao Gou goes to his mother’s birthday banquet, and is incensed when he sees Qin Hui. He was already in a bad mood, because the old Emperor didn’t show up to the banquet. Zhao Gou’s mom isn’t too thrilled that her son is going to be a hostage in Jin camp. She desperately begs the old Emperor to retract the order. Man, the actor for Zhao Gou is pretty good. I’m pretty impressed with all his expressions, tears, forced actions, etc. etc. Better than what I’ve seen with so many actors in this drama, Huang Xiao Ming included.

General Zong sends Yue Fei and his men to escort Zhao Gou. LOL Zhang Yong would be the scaredy cat who tries to get out of the death mission. Yue Fei glares at him. This Bro Squad is so cute. Aw Zhang Yong says he wants to go back to their hometown and marry Wu Shi Ma. Yue  Fei tells him to go home. Zhao Gou looking pretty hot in armor. Team Yue Fei shows up, and Zhao Gou wants Yue Fei to showcase his archery skills. We all know how this ends. Yue Fei picks up the heaviest bow and nails that target.

4 5

Team Yue Fei drinks in an inn. A person dressed in black gets their attention by stealing a bag, and Yue Fei gives chase. He comes face to face with Liang Xin and a secret society called Zhong Yi (Loyalty). Su Su pops up. Hello, again. They want Yue Fei’s help to bring down Jin and protect Song. Okay, spy network. I’m already tired of Su Su’s face. If there’s even a hint of affection/two-timing from Yue Fei, I’m gonna kill her.

Song arrives at camp to meet Wu Zhu. They immediately start off on the wrong foot.

6 7


I’m fast fowarding a lot now….Sigh this is boring me. Bring back my couples and give me some epic fighting. Stop with the repeat scenes. The whole Zhong Yi stuff was so contrived and unnecessary. Yawn.

10 11


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