Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 12



Wu Zhu arrives. LOL They kinda look alike. For the first time, I’ve noticed Huang Xiao Ming’s age. He’s got the most inappropriate look on his face during this whole thing. Has he lost weight?! Damn Zhao Gou looking pretty good right now. Not relenting at all. Getting pretty angry too. And here go again, back to heavy bows and archery. Bet Yue Fei’s gonna step out. Damn okay I’m loving the little moments of bromance between Zhao Gou and Yue Fei. Zhao Gou uses that stupid heavy bow that only Wu Zhu can pull. Song: 1 Jin: 0. I was wrong, I’m sorry Show. That was a pretty good scene.

7 6

Qin Hui suggests that they leave the Jin camp. Zhao Gou has somehow developed a backbone since last negotiations (Episode 2) and decides to stay. Yue Fei points out that Jin probably suspects that Zhao Gou isn’t a real Royal relative and suggests that they treat the stay as a vacation and relax. Zhao Gou is liking Yue Fei more and more.

Wu Zhu finds that Zhao Gou is only 22 (?!). Apparently the throne was supposed to go to Zhao Gou, not the current Emperor. But the old Emperor didn’t, because he got tired of Zhao Gou’s mom. Thanks for that bit of background. More action, less talking.

Su Su shows up at camp, intent on protecting Team Yue Fei. Girl, I’m gonna give you ten seconds to go. She takes Yue Fei’s message to Wang Gui. 4th Jin Prince tries to bribe one of the court officials who came with Zhao Gou to kill the King of Kang. Or else he’ll kill the official instead. Forreals. What happened to your ‘no killing’ policy. Oh hell no. The official compares the 4th Jin Prince to Zhuge Liang. I’m ready to quit him. Team Yue Fei leads Song out of the camp. Aw, Zhao Gou just looks like he’s dying for some bromance. Omygosh the bonding.

5 4

Qin Hui talks to Yue Fei one on one, and they seem to be on good terms…until Jin attacks them all. Jin’s got them surrounded. Yue Fei comes up with the bright idea of chopping up some tables to build a makeshift version of Wu Zhu’s killing machine. They escape by crossing a river. Fakest scene ever. Whatever. I’m losing my patience with this show.

Aw, the actor for Zhao Gou is officially the best person ever. The Emperor blames Zhao Gou for running away…I don’t understand. He wants to send Zhao Gou back to Jin camp. He tells Zhao never to return, because Jin already surrounded the capital in response to the botched negotiations. Aight, Zhao Gou is making his way to my favorites list. He looks kinda hot in his dirty state…Zhao Gao volunteers to capture the Jin leader with General Zong.

9 10

He bids his wife goodbye (Consort Zheng). We get a cute back hug. He stares at her, wanting to remember her face. Then we got the first real kiss in this show, just as some stupid eunuch interrupts. She gives him some money, telling him to take good care of Zhao Gou. He promises her that he’ll return safely. Why do I have a bad feeling about this….


3 2

Just watching for Zhao Gou right now….I’m already trying to prepare myself for future heartbreak. The bromance between him and Yue Fei is just killing me now, knowing what comes after….


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