Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 13



Zhao Gou bids his wife goodbye. This is pretty cute. Gah, that old woman is back to telling stories again. Qin Hui sits on the side, listening to her. What is the point of this? Her telling us the scenes that just happened…

Emperor and old Emperor discuss things. I don’t pay any attention anymore. Zhao Gou and General Zong discuss whether or not they should actually attack. The Emperor apparently sent out a letter of surrender to Jin…oh was that what they were saying? Love, love, love Zhao Gou’s actor right now. Plays that conflict so well. They attack Jin, who attack the capital, and everyone worries about family, etc. Zhao Gou cries as fighting goes on. Jin storm the palace. There’s too much gold and other treasures to carry away. Wu Zhu can’t understand the value of literature and other treasures. They capture the Emperor and the old Emperor. Wu Zhu burns a bunch of stuff.

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Zhao Gou sends Yue Fei to save royals. Oh, oh, oh, some Jin soldiers are trying to rape Consort Zheng…oh just kidding it was Zhao Gou’s dream. Omygosh I was pretty scared. LOL the eunuch tries to soothe him. Aw, it’s cute how much he cares about her. UGHASJDKL more storytelling.

Jin leads the two Emperors to the Jin camp. They are half naked and wearing some fur pelts. They kneel in front of the Jin leader. Even I’m embarrassed right now. The Jin leader gives the two Emperors insulting names. They’re forced to stay in a cell, and the Emperor falls on poop. They cry together. Aw, Zhao Gou’s mom cries and holds the old Emperor’s hand. Qin Hui is in the prisons too. He hugs his wife, while saying that he needs to live. Food is poured into a pig trough. Qin Hui’s wife eats and gags on the nasty food. She slaps him, and tells him that he must live. He eats too. I can’t figure out if this is cute or not….it just reminds me of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth….


AND HAN SHI ZHONG IS BACK. They worry about picking a new Emperor. Everyone looks at Zhao Gou, who is genuinely surprised.


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I’m so happy to see Han Shi Zhong again. I’m afraid I was going to just skip through the drama and catch up with the episodes that are currently airing…which looked much more interesting.


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