Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 14


Zhao Gou is persuaded to take the throne, and give Team Song a leader. YAY Han Shi Zhong is back onscreen. I’m liking the Emperor look on Zhao Gou. Aw Zhao Gou brings out a lantern that his mom made for him when he was six. The metaphor he uses (light fire within everyone’s hearts to defeat Jin) is a bit too cheesy for me. It’s awesome that he’s so filial and loyal to his country and heritage though, since these are character traits that bode well. I’m wondering if this will change for him.

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The scene changes to a gambling den. A pitiful man loses consecutively. I don’t…undertand the point of this scene, because the next thing we know, Yue Fei’s family is packing. Oh, he is Yue Fei’s uncle, and he visits Yue Fei’s family. Xiao E is back! I don’t like the way he’s looking at her….or the money she’s holding. Yue Fei’s little brother is joining the army. Uncle asks for money from Mom, who rejects him. He steals the money that Xiao E packed for Lil Bro. Xiao E sells some bracelets, and the pendant her mom gave her. Why do I think she’s getting ripped off…Xiao E gives the money to Lil Bro and the family sends him off. This is the briefest, happiest military send-off ever. Wait a second….where’s Xiao E’s little son?!

A treacherous official begs for forgiveness outside Zhao Gou’s study. Oh, he was put in charge of the capital after the Jin army left. The poor, rejected official hangs himself (he would’ve been executed). Lady Storyteller is back…


Yue Fei wants to nab Yang Zai Xin (the guy who wanted to challenge his spear fighting previously). He asks for the help of the two bandits from Wu Gong Mountains. However, someone poisoned them…I’m thinking it was General Zong’s spy follower. All leads are gone, when bad spy follower kills a servant boy and blames him. Yue Fei suspects baddie. Yue Fei interrogates the other Wu Gong bandit. Too bad he’s shot with an arrow before he has a chance to tell Yue Fei. Baddies eat and plot.

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1st Jin Prince rapes a Song woman and kills her when she tries to run. Bastard. They plan to record the noble women, and make the rest of the women into slaves. The line of Song nobles are humiliated. Qin Hui is forced into a wrestling match. But he’s a scholar! The old Emperor sighs and writes his name into the booklet, which is extremely demeaning for the Emperor and a further sign of his pitiful fall.

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A rowdy crowd of people want to sign up for the army. Among them is Yue Fei’s little brother and Su Su. Yue Fei arrives and addresses them, commending them for their spirit. Yue Fei earns himself a small fanbase, and everyone starts signing up. Yue Fei is super happy to see him. Aw, BroSquad’s got another member! Su Su makes a fuss and takes issue with the fact that women aren’t allowed to be soldiers.




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