Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 16


General Zong brings Yue Fei’s family to the camp so they can visit Lil Bro’s grave. Cut to Yue Fei crying and flashbacking to his brother’s hardworking and disappointed expressions. Aw, now I want to cry. He was super sweet. Oh hell no, Su Su walks in. This little…..she brought him some porridge. Get your ass out of here.

Yue Fei feels the weight of being the hero to his soldiers. He realized that all his soldiers believe in him and view him as a protector. Such a heavy burden. He tells Su Su that Lil Bro used to say that he wasn’t afraid of death, because he had an older brother to protect him. Well, I guess Yue Fei does not think Yang Zai Xin is such a hero anymore.

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Bandits complain about the death toll. I just can’t. I hope Yue Fei steps all over you with his heavy military boots. Ah no, Su Su makes some noise on the roof and attracts attention. Damn girl, this is the second time. Can you please work on your spy skills. The guy from the Zhong Yi group helps her escape. Can you two please get together so she’ll stop making moves on Yue Fei?

More fighting between Yue Fei and bandits. Bandit leader makes his escape without the rest of his crew. Dude doesn’t have a heart. You need to go down with your ship! Yue Fei approaches. Yang Zai Xin rides up to meet him. Hon, I don’t think you’re gonna survive this one. Yue Fei, if you don’t kill him, I’m gonna judge you. Yang Zai Xin lies down and tells Yue Fei to go ahead and kill him. Oh crap, Yang Zai Xin was taught Yang Family Spear skills by a Yang general?! Yue Fei insults Yang Zai Xin and gets him where it hurts. Typical Yue Fei thrusts the spear next to Yang Zai Xin’s face. Yang Zai Xin tells Yue Fei that he wants to follow him. But Yue Fei just told you he hates you! You killed his brother! I can’t get over this.

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Yue Fei’s mother arrives in the camp. She cries over her youngest son. Flashback to that happy goodbye scene when he left home.  She kneels in front of Lil Bro’s grave. Wait, she couldn’t bring Xiao E to have a short reunion with Yue Fei? Yue Fei walks up with Yang Nai Xin. This is too soon for me. He bows to Momma Yue. He tells her to take his life. Inner me is throwing a tantrum and telling her to kill him. Yue Fei persuades his mom to look at the bigger picture and spare his life. Yang Zai Xin tells her that in his next life, he’ll be her son. Well, when you put it like that…Momma Yue just gets up and leaves.

Zhao Gou celebrates with the good news. The eunuch tells him to only reward Yue Fei and not General Zong. Oh geez, this does not bode well for General Zong’s relationship with Yue Fei. Don’t listen to eunuchs! They’ve got no business in politics…just look at Zhao Gao and the Qin dynasty.

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Over in the Jin camp, the mood is downright depressing. Another concubine commits suicide. Aw, it’s cute how Qin Hui hugs his wife for warmth and comfort. I can see why, when Jin soldiers run in and try to grab at women to rape. Qin Hui begs the 2nd Jin Prince to save his wife.


It’s great and awesome that Yue Fei won some more loyalties, but the guy killed his brother! He killed his brother! You can’t trade your brother’s life for something like that. I don’t care if he’s a great warrior and your brother couldn’t shoot arrows or ride horses. He had a whole lot of heart.

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Ugh, I can’t be mature enough to understand Yue Fei and forgive Yang Zai Xin. It gives me some satisfaction that Momma Yue just leaves both Yue Fei and Yang Zai Xin without saying anything. If there was a happy, teary, forgiving scene, I would’ve lost it.


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2 Responses to Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 16

  1. A says:

    Actually if you listen to what Yue Fei says he says that his brothers death is not Yang Zai Xing’s fault its due to his inability to shoot an arrow and carry himself in battle. Yes Yang Zai Xing killed his brother but they were on the battle field. It’s not like he ransacked his house and killed him. In battle its my life or yours. At the end of the day he sincerely apologizes, genuinely feels bad and devotes his life to serving Yue Fei.

    • mychocobeans says:

      Yes, you do have a point. But when I first saw the episode, my first reaction was an emotional one. By the next few episodes, my emotions catch up with my brain. Though I see Yue Fei’s point about the nature of the battlefield, I just don’t like how it was played out. Yang Zai Xin clearly gave Yue Fei a look before he speared his brother, and his attitude was too offensive for me to sympathize thus far in the series. I would’ve expected nothing less from Yue Fei, so yay for character consistency. But at this point, I was more with Momma Yue: grudgingly accepting of Yue Fei’s explanation but still not over the emotional consequences.

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