Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 20



Zhao Gou’s eunuch has finally arrived. He brings presents from the capital. Why do I think the 4th Jin Prince isn’t gonna be jumping for joy…

Momma Zhao plays the flute (?! are they being more lenient on these fugitives now? What?!) Flashbacks to happier times in the palace with her son and daughter in law. 4th Jin Prince wants the Emperor to personally visit the Jin camp.The 2nd Jin Prince tries to persuade him to be more lenient.

More fighting. More of storyteller lady. She tells us that Zhao Gou has aged and is now sporting an ugly mustache. Just kidding, she only says that he’s mentally fragile. He reads an emotional letter from his mom. Zhao Gou blames himself for not being able to save his mom from the harsh conditions she’s living in right now. He goes a little crazy.

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Yue Fei is back in the army. He tries to protect the citizens from the selfish actions of the soldiers. The general he reports to is dismissive of everything. Apparently Zhao Gou is against military actions right now. Yue Fei bids Official Zhang goodbye (the Emperor made him retire).

We see Wu Zhu in bed with whatsherface. I’m kind of disgusted. On a side note, politics and military strategy make great pillow talk *sarcasm*.

2nd Jin Prince visits Qin Hui in his camp. He tells Qin Hui that he can go home. Everyone accuses Zhao Gou of loving himself more than his mother and wife. Why do I dislike all the characters right now. Give me more Han Shi Zhong!

5 6

Qin Hui goes to talk to Momma Zhao Gou. Oh dear lord, the 1st Jin Prince tries to rape another girl. Oh gosh, please tell me….it’s not….but it is. He just raped Zhao Gou’s wife. Flashbacks to happier times. And she hangs herself….

This is so depressing. In the capital, Zhao Gou wakes up from a nightmare? He talks to himself and tells him that he can have anything he wants. I…..don’t know what to say. Just that I’m thoroughly disgusted right now.

7 8


I can’t bring myself to care right now. Why does everything feel so repetitive.


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