Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 21

In my free time, I put on my wife's make up

In my free time, I put on my wife’s make up

Zhao Gou develops a split personality….He looks like he’s gone crazy. He even puts on lipstick and draws on eyebrows. He talks about missing his wife. I’m thoroughly creeped out. What on earth….I can’t. His eunuch gives a little gasp. Zhao Gou looks really demented right now. They decide an outing would be helpful to Zhao Gou’s health. Zhao Gou looks a little less intense. He looks out at the capital from a tea shop. He hallucinates his wife. I don’t know if it’s cute or not that he misses her so much…but doesn’t save her. Oh and then it’s ruined when he thinks some random girl is his wife. They’re played by the same actress, but seriously?! She already has a hubby. I have a bad feeling about this.

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YES! Just as I’m about to hurl, Han Shi Zhong runs to meet his wife! I’m literally doing the happiest dance ever. He brings in her little brother. Aw, now THIS is cute. Love love love how caring General Han is towards both brother and sister. They praise Yue Fei and celebrate Liang Zai Ping’s return. Thank you for a normal scene.

Qin Hui arrives in camp. People discuss how sincere he is and how he escaped from Jin camp. Han Shi Zhong is pretty damn smart. He chooses not to do anything and sends Qin Hui to the capital.

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Ew, Zhao Gou’s men go to grab the woman who looks like Zhao Gou’s wifey. I’m just weirded out. She’s dressed up exactly like wifey. Zhao Gou stares. I fast forward.

Qin Hui meets Zhao Gou’s eunuch. He has returned to the capital. Qin Hui puts up the fakest act in the world. He cries and wails in front of Zhao Gou, who couldn’t care less. That is, until Qin Hui hands him a letter from his mother. Sigh, Is this the only time that Zhao Gou will seem normal?

5 8

Trouble in the military camp. Wow, this new General Wang is such an ass. Yue Fei pleads with him to stay in the camp. The soldiers need to protect the citizens.


I can’t say that these scenes aren’t interesting, but it just all feels very underdeveloped. Like, Zhao Gou’s mental state. He just needs to do something. He’s literally just sitting there and not doing anything. I don’t get it. He could either send more troops, or he could try to negotiate some more. His hands aren’t even tied. He just chooses to sit there and break down. Where is character consistency?!

6 9

Ugh give me  more Han Shi Zhong and co. before I give up on this Show.


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