Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 23



Why do I enjoy the theme songs more than actual scenes. Sigh.

Anyways, General Zong allows baddie general to work with Yue Fei again. The fighting is in a gorge this time, with several mountains. Baddie general takes all the credit for Yue Fei’s successes. Zong Nephew is smart, and suspects there’s something fishy going on. He’s sent to scout out the truth.

1st Jin Prince arrives, and Jin army sets up camp. Yue Fei watches. Oh my. I have a bad feeling. Yue Fei goes to lure Jin into the traps that they laid. Zong nephew has just arrives and thinks Yue Fei is in tons of danger. NO I ACTUALLY LIKE HIM. SHOW, IF YOU KILL HIM…..

1 2

Jin army follows after Yue Fei, and falling directly into his trap. It reminds me of a tactic Zhuge Liang once used. Huge balls of fire are rolled down into the gorge. Arrows are shot at the army. Now that I think about it, this is almost exactly like the plan Zhuge Liang came up with when he first joined Liu Bei (博望坡).

Jin army retreats into the forest, and falls into another one of Yue Fei’s traps. Giant ropes entangle all of them. Bro Squad captures one of the Jin generals. Okay, Yang Zai Xin looks adorable as he gives him a thumbs up. Except the general they captured was actually Tuo Ba Ye Wu LOL. Yue Fei threatens him with execution. Seriously man? Your bro? But he easily agrees to take back that punishment when Bro Squad intervenes. Instead,he orders Tuo Ba Ye Wu killed. General Liu Ge’s death has finally been avenged.

Back at camp, baddie general is caught in his lies of taking credit for Yue Fei’s successes. General Zong gives him the death sentence. Baddie general #1 pleads for his life. Yue Fei joins in and asks for his life as well. FORREALS. Sometimes, boy, you just gotta be mean. A lean, mean machine.

Qin Hui talks to the Emperor. Okay, Zhao Gou seems alright here. Qin Hui has dinner with his old teacher and his wife. They talk about how Qin Hui is in the Emperor’s good graces. Qin Hui sucks up to his teacher. The two men stare at Qin Hui’s wife, who just keeps eating and eating. They talk about Qin Hui’s allegiance (Jin v. Song).

4 5

General Zong practices swordplay. Yue Fei heaps praises upon him. They discuss the politics behind how to deal with baddie general (General Du). General Zong sends Yue Fei off to renovate the Royal Tombs (?!). Jin talk about the recent loss. They argue about peace talks v. war. Same old, same old. 1st Jin Prince tries to kill his doctor for hurting him. Wu Zhu brings his wife to visit. I’m so confused. Is this incest? She calls the 1st Prince “brother”, and he refers to Wu Zhu as Number 4 (as in the 4th Jin Prince). But they bring bad news: Wu Zhu is to replace the 1st Prince on the battlefield. Cue hissy fit.


I’m happy that Yue Fei has finally ordered Tuo Ba Ye Wu killed. Personally, I think he’s too soft on his fellow Song people.


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