Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 24



Everyone in Jin camp drink happily, but Wu Zhu sits with an ugly expression. Bro Squad arrives and they all promise each other to do a good job. For safety, Yue Fei has Wang Gui bring his family over to the Royal Tombs. Yang Zai Xin wants to go too. Yue Fei’s uncle is in the gambling den again. He stirs up some trouble. Workers start beating up the Uncle. Luckily (or unluckily), Wang Gui and Yang Zai Xin arrive.


Aw, the kids are all grown up now. Momma Yue is still upset over Yang Zai Xin, and she refuses to go. She suddenly bursts out her upset feelings about her baby son. That brings a tear to my eye. At night, Xiao E tries to persuade Momma Yue. Hee hee, Xiao E is so transparent in her yearning to see Yue Fei. Momma Yue finds that incredibly cute, and finally gives into the move. Momma Yueis still super cold to Yang Zai Xin.


Ack, so cute! Yue family reunions are always the cutest. Yue Fei shows Xiao E to the room that he set up just for her. This reminds me of that scene from Howl’s Moving Castle. He also bought her a super pretty jade bracelet. Yue Fei notices that her hands are cold. It takes one sentence (“You’ve suffered (for me)”) to make Xiao E cry. A tear drops onto Yue Fei’s hand.

Uncle Yue brings a hack to Yue Fei, telling his nephew that the guy is a famous architect. The bill is exactly the amount of money that Uncle Yue owes the gambling den.

6 8

Omygosh hahahaa Yue Fei’s sons come across Zhang Yong in the forest. Zhang Yong, I’ve missed you! Please tell  me you got married.

Yue Fei”s family donates money to foot the bill. Zhang Yong donates 50 (out of 200) of the total. Apparently Wu Shi Man didn’t come with him. Sad. What’s even more sad is that the entire camp is swindled out of their money. Thank God Xiao E witnesses the exchange.

7 9

HEE potential love line between Yang Zai Xin and Xiao E’s servant girl, Xiao Hui. Super cute.


10 11

Loving awkward Yang Zai Xin!


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