Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 25



Family dinner time! Uncle Yue asks Yue Fei about government funds. Yue Fei calls his Uncle out on his embezzlement scheme. Did Xiao E tell everyone about the conversation she overheard? Uncle leaves the table angrily, and he walks around drunk in the forest. Aw, more flirting goes on in the kitchen between Yang Zai Xin and Xiao Hui. Momma Yue is reminded of Lil Bro when Yang Zai Xin hurries in with his handmade noodles. Looks like Show is taking it literally when Yang Zai Xin said he was going to be her son. Momma Yue doesn’t accept the food easily though, and leaves the table. Yang Zai Xin broods. Xiao Hui comforts him. So cutes. Why’s this servant girlie so smart. Love her advice to him (Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Think about it from Momma Yue’s perspective…Lil Bro was her son after all).

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Zhang Yong gives some strong alcohol to a guard in the forest. Why so sketchy? The next morning, Yue Fei and Bro Squad find Zhang Yong knocked out on the ground. He was bit by a snake and Yue Fei sucks his blood to get the poison out. Yue Fei cradles him. This bromance is so so cute. Uh oh, the guard who drank the alcohol before is punished, and Zhang Yong is ordered to be sent to the government (where he’ll be sentenced to death). Everyone pleads. Zhang Yong, as much as I love you, you can’t keep doing dumb stuff like this. Yue Fei sends him to General Zong.

Jin camp plots. They want to go after Yue Fei at the Royal Tombs, and trap General Zong. Xiao Hui sees Uncle Yue stealing things from the Royal Tombs. Yang Zai Xin to the rescue! He drags Uncle Yue to Yue Fei. Love. Uncle Yue says that they’re lying, because Uncle Yue caught them making love in the forest. LOL oh I wish. Momma Yue washes her hands of the matter. Oh darn, he’s only hit? I was hoping he’d be killed…

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Oh great, Uncle Yue gets brought in front of the Jin camp. Fighting happens on General Zong’s end. HEE the kids draw their father. So cute. Haha, the two boys bond and ask Xiao E if they can go play. They start climbing some trees. Uh oh, they overhear some Jin soldiers talking about Jin battle plans.

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Sorry I fast forward through politics and battle plans.


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