Patriot Yue Fei – Episode 32



I apologize for the lateness and lack of focus today. One of the Korean dramas that I was watching ended today, and I was devastated by the ending. I understood the impact of the and role that it played in the plot and overall feeling of the drama, but I just couldn’t accept it. Anyways. I digress.

Yue Fei, Han Shi Zhong, and Liang Hong Yu are fighting off the two rebellious generals. The Emperor immediately finds his spunk when his forces win. Yue Fei persuades him to keep the lives of the generals, since they had the right intentions. The Emperor says he will listen to whatever Yue Fei wants (Oh, how I wish it could forever be this way). Zhao Gou throws a banquet for Yue Fei and Han Shi Zhong. He praises them for their loyalty. I was just about to throw a fit, because the Emperor did not mention Liang Hong Yu’s contribution, but Qin Hui beat me to it. He tells the Emperor of her loyalty and bravery. The Emperor raises her rank and gives her the title: Mistress An Guo (not the right connotations, but I can’t think of a better word right now). Uh Oh, Zhao Gou gives a shifty look.

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Aw, Han Shi Zhong and Yue Fei have an official bromance going on now. The Emperor visits the two generals in prison. He asks them who was behind their attempt at his throne and his life. He seems determined to get a name out of them…either Han Shi Zhong or any one of the other generals. Man, Zhao Gou is definitely off his rocker. Qin Hui has poisoned his mind. The two generals accuse the Emperor once more, and one of them even breaks free from his chains. However, he is quickly detained and beaten again. Zhao Gou turns a little creepy, and informs the two generals that they will be sentenced to death by ling chi (for those who are curious, please Google at your own discretion).

4 6

Yue Fei discusses his plans of attack with Bro Squad and General Du the Evil One. Over at Jin camp, they discuss their battle plans as well. This is getting a little repetitive. One side discusses, other side discusses, big battle happens, repeat. But then again, this is what you’d expect from a drama about Yue Fei so…

Mister Yu Wen (I can’t remember his full name…) comes upon Wu Zhu with his wifey. Both of them are frolicking on a horse. Yu Wen Xu Zhong (thanks Wu Zhu) looks on with tears in his eyes. Wifey calls him teacher and asks Mister Yu Wen to share any complaints or sufferings. Oh okay, so we’re all chummy now? Wu Zhu proves to be an insensitive brute, and offers to just give Mister Yu Wen a Jin girl as a wife. Yu Wen Xu Zhong just walks off.

8 9

Ling Er (Wifey) organizes a dance performance in an effort to get a smile out of Yu Wen Xu Zhong. He gets angry when a dancer gets too touchy with him. Yu Wen Xu Zhong schools Wu Zhu on respect and the appropriate treatment of women as humans, not objects. Love him. Please convert the entire Jin camp. Aw, Wu Zhu sees a picture that Yu Wen drew of his homeland. Grudging respect won. Wu Zhu goes hunting again.


Still haven’t gotten out of my funk. Back to all the feels surrounding Cruel City. Sorry, not sorry.


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