iQiyi 2016 All Star Carnival

Hu Ge

If you’re suffering from Hu Ge withdrawal (like I do every day), here are some interesting snippets from iQiyi’s annual awards show. iQiyi is a popular streaming site in China (you can download a Google Chrome extension to play iQiyi videos outside of China). The awards show is a lot of good humor, nothing stuffy or overbearingly formal. As expected, Lang Ya Bang performed well, with Hu Ge, Jin Dong (Ling Chen in Lang Ya Bang), Wu Lei (Fei Liu in Lang Ya Bang), the director, and the drama overall won awards.


After Hu Ge gave his acceptance speech, little Wu Lei wrapped him in a cloak, similar to the scene from Episode 1. Throughout the night, Hu Ge was also teased about his bromance with Huo Jianhua (Wallace Huo).

Hu Huo1

Hu Huo 3

Hu Huo 2

Coincidentally (or not), a lot of the dramaland “It” boys were sitting next to each other during the show, including Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Wallace Huo, Chen Kun, Chang Chen, and Chen Weiting.


I think it’s safe to say that most of the entertainment circle is suffering from the same illness I have fallen under for the past decade aka Hu Ge fandom. Zhao Liying has said that she hopes her next costar is Hu Ge, because she looks forward to working with him. Hu Ge has proclaimed Jin Dong as his older brother, Wallace Huo as his lover, Wu Lei as his beloved protector, and Yan Ni (from a previous  drama) as his goddess. And all this happened in one night…



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  1. modern says:

    I watched Love Me If You Dare, The Journey of Flowers, but just recently finished Nirvana in Fire and I am suffering from NIF withdrawal. That drama is EXCELLENT, I can’t even describe further. After the final episode, I felt overwhelmed and totally sold over all the characters. So I am just reading blogs with NIF related casts. I have started watching The Disguiser too, since it’s from the same production, many NIF casts are in The Disguiser. I was never really a fan of bromance but oh boy, I really like Hu Ge’s bromance in NIF even better than his previous dramas’ romance.

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