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Since there are other sites that have picked up the recapping of this drama – more detailed and faster than I could ever write – I decided to end the Lang Ya Bang recaps to provide an open space for any questions or points of confusion for the drama. Ask away!


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10 Responses to Lang Ya Bang – Open Forum

  1. chokladlisan says:

    *lol* I also like Fei Liu because he’s cute, but I agree with you that he could never lead the Alliance… My thought when I watched the last episodes was that I felt sorry for him because he would miss his Su-gege sooo much – but Lin Chen would, even though he likes to tease the kid, would take really good care of him. So I think a grown-up Fei Lui would perhaps be somewhat useful because he would have picked up random medical skills without even noticing. In the future, when Lin Chen is no longer alive, when some rare medical case shows up, the current not yet experienced enough doctor would be a bit lost, Fei Liu would push his hand away with a little bowl of medicine away and say: “Uh-uh, not good!” and he would point at some herbs or something and say: “Take that!” People would be like, “well, he did follow the great Lin Chen around for all those years…” and they’d take his advice. But he could never be a real doctor. :p

    Um, okay, sorry for sounding like a fanfic writer, but I was inspired by the comments above! What I wanted to say is that I really liked your recaps of this amazing drama. Today I felt like reliving some of the best moments so I just googled for episode summaries and found your blog. I completed NiF in the end of December but I still don’t feel ready to leave this world behind. I loved everything about this drama. I started watching The Disguiser the other day and I found it a bit distracting to see so many of the same actors as different characters! (Well, to be honest, I have starting stalking Hu Ge a bit since watching Sound of the Desert… but I wasn’t prepared to react like “aww, Prince Jing!… except he’s a different person now… and that’s not Lin Chen!… What, wait a minute, is that Consort Jing?!” *lol* But I think it’s a good drama and I think I will get to know the characters soon. 🙂

    • mychocobeans says:

      Haha that’s awesome! Whenever I feel like trying to relive those NiF moments, I read There’s a wonderful community on the blog! Also, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but Xie Yu and Qin Banruo are in The Disguiser too…. 🙂

      • chokladlisan says:

        Thanks for the link! I needed that. 🙂
        No, I hadn’t noticed that when I wrote the above comment. Haha, so many familiar faces. I really like The Disguiser too (I just watched episode 6 so I’m still at the beginning).

  2. Ngan says:

    I have seen the unofficial ending in which Mei Changsu didn’t die. Do you know what the ending in the book is?

  3. Kenn Magnum says:

    I think an interesting series spin off would be one where Fei Liu would be grown and leading the Jiang Zuo Alliance. My Chinese friend regards this as ridiculous because Fei Liu has no diplomatic skills. However, it seems to me that in the beginning of the series, some of the palace advisors marveled that Mei lead the Alliance, which they found odd because it was usually an office held by the greatest fighter. What’s your opinion, can Fei lead the Alliance?

    • mychocobeans says:

      I don’t think there is enough evidence of Fei Liu’s independent thinking and planning to lead the Alliance in the future. Also, I believe that Fei Liu does not have normal faculties due to the suffering he endured in his childhood. It is more likely than not that he would be an unsuitable leader of the Alliance.

      • Silly Ideas says:

        As I got further into the series I realized Fei’s mental deficiencies. However, that in and of itself could be an interesting story line. He’d need to rely on advice, his genius could be in recognizing who’s advice was both wise and sincer. I realize I’m really reaching at this point. Probably just because I’m too stub or to give up on an idea. 🙂

      • mychocobeans says:

        Haha it looks like you’re a true fan of Fei Liu!

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